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New Years Resolutions New Years Resolutions Rated Stars Do you have New Years Resolutions ? If so, are they like this ? Music Video Dodgy Christmas Gifts Dodgy Christmas Gifts Rated Stars He gives gifts, just odd ones..... Music Video My Willy Won't Go My Willy Won't Go Rated Stars One man's fight against shy bladder Music Video Jelly and Icecream Jelly and Icecream Rated Stars In a parallel universe Comedy - Original A Job for Jack A Job for Jack Rated Stars Jack goes to the job centre Comedy - Original Magic Beans Magic Beans Rated Stars He's got some Magic Beans Comedy - Original What Happens in the Future ? What Happens in the Future ? Rated Stars What Happens in the Future ? That's the theme for this TOFA round 1 entry. Comedy - Original But You Can Touch It But You Can Touch It Rated Stars His nob is gross. Would you touch it ? Music Video Put Some Poo Put Some Poo Rated Stars She's back again ! Music Video I Live in the Woods I Live in the Woods Rated Stars What does this strange old hermit do in the woods ? Music Video Magnetic Penis Magnetic Penis Rated Stars What a terrible affliction Music Video Lonely Blue Balloon Lonely Blue Balloon Rated Stars He's so unhappy and lonely...... Music Video Time and Space Time and Space Rated Stars Watch the mad scientist take a trip through time and space Music Video I'm Afraid I'm Afraid Rated Stars She's afraid Music Video There's Some Poo There's Some Poo Rated Stars Trudy comes home ! Music Video Do Your Boobs Hang Low ? Do Your Boobs Hang Low ? Rated Stars Because I keep getting asked to do a female version of Do Your Balls Hang Low. Music Video Easter Bunny Easter Bunny Rated Stars Just a cute little animation for Easter. Music Video Plop Plop Rated Stars Plop ! Music Video Sh!t (I'm a Willy) Sh!t (I'm a Willy) Rated Stars This willy just does not like poo ! Music Video

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